Nipple Buster Series Nipple Tweezers


When you’re in the mood for some kinky fun!

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Nipple Buster Series Nipple Tweezers 18 inch

  • Weighted and chained adjustable nipple clamps
  • Clamps adjust for the perfect level of sensation
  • Silicone clamp tips feel so smooth against skin
  • Beaded weights dangle from each clamp
  • Nickel-free metal chain connects both clamps

When you’re in the mood for some kinky fun try Nipple Clamps! This set of wicked metal clamps gives both your buds an expert pinch. And when your lover tugs on the chain, you’ll feel toe-curling intensity!

To wear, tease your nipples hard and grab one of your clamps. Move the clamp’s slider all the way to the bottom loop end of the clamp to loosen. Center your nipple between the clamp’s silicone-covered tips. Now tighten by moving the slider upward. You choose the level of sensation for the perfect amount of an erotic pinch. Repeat with your other nipple.

Pair these clamps with your favorite vibe, blindfold, or cuffs for extra-sexy thrills.


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